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Quikscribe – the #1 Digital Dictation and Transcription Software System



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Lawyers Directory

  • Ellyn S. Kravitz

    Ellyn S. Kravitz

    Ellyn S. Kravitz is a partner at Abrams, Fensterman, Fensterman, Eisman, Formato, Ferrara & Wolf, LLP. She concentrates her practice in elder law, special needs planning, estate planning, estate administration, guardianship, and veterans’ benefits. Ellyn is an authority on issues affecting adults and children with disabilities, and our senior population.

  • Michael S. Kelton

    Michael S. Kelton

    Michael S. Kelton is a partner at Abrams, Fensterman, Fensterman, Eisman, Formato, Ferrara & Wolf, LLP, and is the director of the firm's New York City Litigation Practice, as well as the firm's Medical Malpractice Defense Practice and OPMC/OPD Defense Practice. Mr. Kelton presently defends medical malpractice cases for various malpractice insurance carriers as well as for uninsured physicians, and defends general liability cases for carriers and municipal entities.

  • Neil M. Kaufman

    Neil M. Kaufman

    Mr. Kaufman represents public companies, private companies and investment firms in their corporate, securities, financing, borrowing, merger & acquisition and other legal matters. Mr. Kaufman's clients range from early stage growth companies to mature public companies in a wide range of industries, including software, internet, manufacturing, distribution and services

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Quikscribe Forum

  • To streamline the dictation process for those who record a large number of different dictation files, you may use the Express Create, Record and Send functions built into the Quikscribe Recorder. This allows you to automatically Create a new file upon opening the Quikscribe Recorder (opting for no data entry of case/patient information), and then start the recording process. Upon completion, send the file to the recipient (using the option for no data entry of instructions). The file is sent, a new file is created automatically, and the process may continue indefinitely.

    Express Create, Record and Send,

  • With the Quikscribe Recorder you may use voice activated recording by checking the System Setting to enable voice activated recording. Recording will occur only when you speak, and you may select the ambient sound level to trigger the recording over the background noise in the room. The Quikscribe Recorder can also utilize a foot pedal to control recording functions for completely hands free recording. Just tap the foot pedal buttons to create a new file, start/pause recording, then send the file to the transcriptionist. More information is available at http://www.digidictate.com or http://www.digitaldictation.us

    Voice activated or hands free recording,

  • The Quikscribe File Monitor shows an icon on the Windows task bar for the transcriptionist. A Red icon indicates “Urgent” files are waiting, “Purple” indicates Overdue files, and “Green” indicates that Normal files are waiting. If a user places the mouse cursor over the FileMonitor Icon, a small message displays the number and the type of files waiting. More information is available at http://www.digidictate.com and http://www.digitaldictation.us

    Automatic notification for new files waiting to be transcribed,

  • The first time an audio file is opened by a typist, Quikscribe automatically saves the typist details within the file plus the date and time the file was opened. When the file is closed, Quikscribe automatically saves the date and time the file was closed. In addition, whenever the file is open, Quikscribe has a “Smart Clock” on, this clock monitors the activity and position in the file. In doing so, Quikscribe is able to measure the true actual typing time performed.

    Measuring Average Transcription Time Per Job,

  • You can improve the overall audio quality of your recordings by changing the sampling rate on the System Settings page. You may select 8 khz (low), 11 khz (medium), or 22 khz (high) - the greater the number, the greater the sampling rate. However - there’s a trade-off: a higher sampling rate produces a larger file (which means more storage space and longer transmission times). For normal usage, set the File Compression setting to “Post Compression”. This will compress the .iaf file to 1/10 th the size of a .wav file. For more info, please go to http://www.digidictate.com or http:www.digitaldictation.us

    Improving audio quality,