Attorney’s Use of Quikscribe and POS Results in $2.5M Award

Here’s how a Quikscribe customer effectively used technology and resources to win a $2.5M award for his client:

I started using Quikscribe and Pacific Outsourcing Solutions in 2003.  During this time I was handling a construction site accident.  I had occasions to discuss Quikscribe and digital dictation with my adversaries in this case and even recommended that they begin using it.  They never pursued Quikscribe and I continued to use it with success.

At trial, my adversary advised me late in the afternoon that he intended to move to dismiss my case for failure to produce expert testimony.  By the time I got back to the office, it was late and all of the secretaries were long gone.  I already had done the research and it was in the file.

I picked up my Quikscribe mike and I dictated a response to the motion I anticipated he would argue in the morning.  With a push of a button I sent the Motion in Limine response to Pacific Outsourcing Solutions.  I asked Pacific Outsourcing Solutions to send a cc copy of the response to my home email.  I went to bed confident and slept well.  In the morning I woke and printed out the opposition to the Motion in Limine.

In court I presented the judge with a typed brief in response to defendant’s Motion in Limine as my adversary stood in front of the judge and made his argument from a yellow legal pad, the judge read my response and summarily denied his Motion in Limine.  My adversary was impressed that I was able to respond to his Motion in Limine even before he argued it.  He was particularly surprised that I was able to get it in an hour’s notice.  My client was equally impressed with my preparation and was even more impressed by the jury’s verdict of $2.5M.

The name of the case is John Kociyan v. Troxel Trucking Company and JR Slaw Pre Cast, Inc.  It was tried in Ocean County before Judge Ford, a Superior Court of New Jersey judge in March of 2004.

– Ed Heyburn, Levinson Axelrod,

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