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Effective Law Related Web Sites

Effective Law Related Web Sites

This week, we look at the web site of the Lowenstein Law Office. Mr. Lowenstein is a criminal law practitioner in San Mateo, California, and his web site represents an excellent effort at simplicity and functionality.

The color scheme and layout of the site are easy on the eye, and the first thing you see is his picture on the front page, which gives visitors a chance to actually see with whom they will be dealing. Since a picture has limitations, Mr. Lowenstein has done something else to allow visitors to get to know him a little better. He has included a video greeting where he describes his practice, and gives the visitor a much better feel for what he might be like to work with. The approach is very effective.
Mr. Lowenstein has also included an online intake form which makes it convenient for clients to submit preliminary information to initiate a consultation. Mr. Lowenstein has also included an online payment option using PayPal, a service we discussed in an earlier edition of the ezine. All of these features contribute to a web site that is very visitor friendly, and functional for Mr. Lowenstein as well.

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