ESQ Lawtech Weekly Expands Services. Expands Services.

We have talked about in past issues, so this will serve as an update that they now offer two additions to their service. First you can now hold a free conference with up to 100 attendees, up from 32, at no charge, other than your long distance dialing charges.  Conferences can be scheduled from your web browser using their control panel interface, once you sign up for your free account.  You can still do the reservationless conference calling, which allows you to choose a local dial-in telephone number, but that service is limited to calls with fewer than 25 people. now offers toll free access for attendees for $.10/min per attendee.  Obviously, that’s not free, but it is substantially less than competing services who can charge upwards of $.47/min in some cases.  Be sure to remember this great tool the next time you have a conference call to host.  You can compare the different plans they offer here.

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