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LexisNexis Meets the Blackberry.

LexisNexis Meets the Blackberry.

And for those of you who prefer your PDA, LexisNexis has made it easier for you to get legal research done remotely on your PDA, that is of course if you’re PDA is a Blackberry.

So, no need for a bulky laptop just to get that little tidbit of wisdom to push you over the top ina pinch.  Just whip out the Blackberry, and you’re there!  I can see the day when two attorneys will walk up to counsel table, address the court, and be presented with a question nobody anticipated.  They will then pull out their Blackberry devices as if they were playing Gameboy, and get the answer instantly, instead of having to “brief” the question another day.  Actually, I guess that day is here, since it’s all available right now.

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