New Quikscribe Voice Recognition Feature

The Quikscribe Digital Dictation software system now has an incredible feature that incorporates voice recognition capabilties.  The attractive benefit of this new approach is that the author can dictate using normal speaking patterns, and send the file to transcription as usual.

The most common complaint from users who have tried voice recognition is that they didn’t like the impact to their normal speaking – often you would have to speak slowly and wait for the system to process, while being distracted by the results happening on the screen.

Quikscribe eliminates this problem with a customized interface to voice recognition products such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and produces the draft text document automatically and quickly as a background process.

When the voice recognition is complete, the draft text document is merged into Quikscribe’s Intelligent Audio File, and the draft document is ready for review by the transcriptionist.

The transcriptionist simply opens the dictation audio file when notified, and the draft text document is already produced.

The advantages include:
– no impact to author’s dictation style
– reduce typing workload
– reduce document turnaround time
– increase productivity
– decrease production costs

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