Quikscribe Captures Text/Images from Windows Applications

One of the most powerful features of Quikscribe is that you can highlight (with your mouse) a paragraph, or pages, of text in any Windows application (including legal or medical databases).

You may also capture images or file attachments just as easily.

By pressing the “Insert” button on the hand control microphone, the passage is copied and inserted as a marker in your audio file.

When your secretary receives the audio file for transcription, all s/he has to do is press a couple keys to paste the passage directly into the transcribed document.

It saves you time from having to read (dictate), and saves your secretary time from having to type it. The end result is improved productivity, time savings, and cost savings, while maintaining accuracy.

The Quikscribe Digital Dictation and Transcription System goes far beyond the old method of just “pushing audio from one place to another”.  Many advanced features provide better reliability, productivity, and turnaround.

For more information visit http://www.digidictate.com or http://www.digitaldictation.us

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