Quikscribe Enterprise Manager Now Available

The Quikscribe Enterprise Manager provides easy administration, monitoring, and management of the dictation files and folders waiting to be transcribed.

There are specific tools designed to assist an Office Manager or IT Administrator.

Office Manager tools include:
– enterprise-wide file monitoring and management
– ability to change file status or assign priority
– ability to reassign file workload from one transcription queue to another
– a robust file search tool
– report generator for statistical analysis.

IT Administrator tools include:
– a menu-based install script generator that provides fast deployment of Quikscribe Recorder and Player programs
– online licensing management; easy to move licenses from one PC to another
– centralized user profile editors; provides easy manipulation of user configuration settings without touching each user PC
– centralized profile editor for Philips Digital Pocket Memo portable recorders, including ability to link individual DPM recorder to QS Recorder user profile; this provides automated detection of DPM when docked with PC to download files and process instructions according to QS Recorder user profile settings
– global template settings for user profiles for both QS Recorder and Player programs
– ability to define priority table list and keyword table lists for organization

For more information, please visit http://www.DigiDictate.com/qs/info/Manager

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