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Submit Links for Inclusion in Our Topically Organized Favorites/Book Marks Folders.

Earlier today, we posted a tip on organizing your book marks or favorites in your web browser.  I thought it might be helpful to the entire community if someone was able to assemble URL’s for good resource sites we find as we surf, and organize them into book marks and favorites folders to be downloaded and added to our browsers.

If you wish to contribute a URL, please post the full URL if the “Law Office Technology Forum”, and we’ll begin assembling them topically, and make the file available for download from our site, for the benefit of all our readers.  It would be helpful if you would post the actual URL, and give a brief description of what we can find there.  I’ll create a topical index in addition to merely creating the links folder.

You can also email your links to me at  Let’s put together the greatest list of resources we can, for the benefit of our entire community.

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