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The 411 on the Treo 600

Here’s a good review on Handsprings Treo 600.  Apparently, it’s a few steps forward, few steps back situation, but the overall package will be attractive to people who primarily need a cell phone, but would like PDA functionality to be available too.  Also included is the ever popular mobile camera, which right now is more of a toy than a tool, but there are some practical applications like in the hands of a process server with an illusive “servee”, you might be able to catch the efforts to serve on cam!

All in all, it looks like a useful little tool for those that need combined functionality.  I would love to pick one of these up, but I’m with Nextel where phone options are somewhat limited, but with number portability coming next week, this may be a good time to switch!  Nextel, “can you hear me now”?

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