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Trademark Attorney Makes Best Use of the Web.

Good web site design is important not only to attract new clients, but if properly structured, to increase efficiency in processing client matters. has accomplished both of these objectives by having a web site that is well optimized for the key word “[google]trademark lawyer[/google]”, and by offering the ability to fill out all information necessary to an application online, and have it submitted electronically for review.  Payment is accepted by credit card at the time the application is submitted.

If you click the above link you will note that is approximately the 4th result out of 10 for the key word search on “trademark lawyer”.  That is an excellent job of optimizing, and probably represents the equivalent of a $10,000 per year yellow page ad in terms of effectiveness.  Fortunately, it probably cost him less than $1,000.00 to have his search engine expert optimize the site, and more than likely, what part of the overall site development, saving

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