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There are a variety of reasons why you might want to outsource transcription work (quick turnaround, cost savings, quality) – here’s an example of one attorney who had special circumstances:

“I am Ed Heyburn and I am a trial attorney in New Jersey. I began using Quikscribe in outsourcing my secretarial work to Pacific Solutions about a year ago. Quikscribe, combined with Pacific Outsourcing Solutions Services, revolutionized the way that I practice law. Recently, I tried a three-week long construction site accident case.

In the past, I would spend hours typing direct and cross-examination scripts with cross-references to deposition transcripts. Now, with Quikscribe and the aid of Pacific Outsourcing Solutions, I went home and dictated my direct examination and cross-examination seamlessly intertwining the citations to transcripts.

In the past this wasn’t an option because my secretary leaves at 5 o’clock and there would be no one to type documents for me after trial. When I woke in the morning, the work was done waiting in my inbox to be printed out. Within a matter of minutes, my cross and direct examinations were printed and I was ready for trial.

This process saved me hours of time that could be devoted to more important aspects of my trial.  The result was a $1.1 million jury verdict withheld in great part from Quikscribe and Pacific Outsourcing Solutions.”

Ed Heyburn, Esq.
Levinson Axelrod
Howell, NJ


– Rapid and Overnight turnaround

– Experienced Staff

– Minimize your system and software requirements.
– 100 % Productivity

– Hourly rates that are comparable to in-house

– Specialist staff using auto expanders and on-line tools that are a minimum

– 50% more productive than ordinary typists
– No management time wasted ensuring typing staff are optimally utilized

– No fixed costs during quiet periods
– No sick leave or holiday leave issues
– No recruitment costs or issues with staff turnover and training – staff already experienced with medical and legal terminology
– No lease costs or other office costs and constraints
– Ability to downsize and upsize instantaneously
– Proofread documents resulting in less corrections for professional staff

We can provide a cost-effective solution for you!  Our transcriptionists already have the Quikscribe Player software, and you can utilize all the features of the Quikscribe Recorder (cut & paste, encryption, etc.)

Please let me know if I can assist you further with your digital dictation and transcription needs.

Best Regards,
Bruce Hause
Digital Technology LLC
phone 866-394-9684


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