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Unique Firm Web Sites

This week, we visit the web site of Boult Cummings Conner Berry, in Nashville, Tennessee. The reason we selected this one is that they are making good use of Extranet technology to communicate with and service their clients. Click on the Virtual Connect icon in the bottom left corner of the front page to see what they are doing with their patent pending extranet solution.

You can also see that they have done a good job of posting current news, and informational publications to give visitors a reason to come back, and also, to highlight their expertise.

Finally, you can take a tour of their offices online using their “Virtual Office” link. This technology lets you actually move from room to room in their firm, and gives you the feel of their office as if you were there.

While much of the graphics extranet capability may be more than what you need, it does demonstrate the things that are possible. Extranet solutions do not have to be developed on a custom basis. There are plenty of vendors who offer these solutions on a more affordable scale.

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