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Windows CE Turning PDA’s into Internet Phones.

Windows CE Turning PDA’s into Internet Phones.

If you can hook a headset up to it, you can make a phone call from it!  That’s the way things seem to be heading with the latest announcement from Microsoft, and Internet telephony provider Vonage.

While the article focuses primarily on cell phone manufacturers who are using the Windows CE operating system in their cell phones, due it also references Vonage’s efforts to turn any device that has speakers and a headset into a “soft phone”.  A so called soft phone is merely a computer program that permits telephone calls to be made without a dedicated telephony device.

So, you may be able to have your PDA do double duty by serving as your telephone and your contact manager, and while you can already do that through the cell phone system, this would be new, because it would route calls over the Internet.  Cell phone providers may need to watch this one, since this consolidation may reduce the number of people needing both cell phone service and wireless Internet access.

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