Philips: Law Firm Runs on Dictations

Law firm in Limburg successfully switches over to digital dictation.

Lijnrecht, a law firm in Tongeren, has switched over to digital dictation. In addition to the benefits of saving time and costs, the use of digital dictation results in an improved organization of the administrative office and the processing of the many dictations. For this purpose, Lijnrecht makes use of the Philips Pocket Memo dictation recorder and transcription software.

Lijnrecht is a young law firm that was created in 2008 through the merger of three law firms. It specializes in corporate and company law, insurance, traffic, and divorce, and acts as curator in bankruptcies. As one of the only offices in Flanders that is ISO-certified, quality management plays a fundamental role in Lijnrecht’s policies.

Lijrecht has six partner attorneys, five staff attorneys, two jurists, two legal practitioners, six assistants, and a few freelance employees. The headquarters are located in Tongeren with a branch office in Sint-Truiden. When Lijnrecht expanded the headquarters with an adjacent apartment in the fall of 2012, this was partly the reason to review the organization of the many transcription assignments and to make an integral change towards digital dictation.

Dictation is the engine in the organization of a law firm

“We are an office that runs on dictations. Transcribing dictations is a core business of ours,” Mr. Pieter Wirix emphasizes the importance of dictations. He is one of the firm’s six partners and has taken the IT responsibility upon himself over the course of time. “Not counting the larger packages of debt collection cases, 80 to 90 new cases arrive on the desks of our administrative staff each month. Each case represents a multitude of dictations such as emails, letters, simple subpoenas, conclusions, recommendation notes or other assignments. To process all of this in an analog workflow was time-consuming, and therefore no longer sustainable.”

Furthermore, the analog work method became too expensive due to the cost and limited lifespan of the cassettes. When the headquarters decided in 2012 to expand and take over an adjacent apartment, this would erode its ease of use even further due to the distance from the central administrative office. In short: enough reasons for Lijnrecht to replace an archaic procedure with a faster and more efficient approach to transcriptions using the Philips digital dictation equipment and software.

Source: Dictation Philips News