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The Quikscribe Digital Dictation and Transcription is the world’s most advanced solution!  From small to large firms, Quikscribe is a more productive and efficient way to manage your dictation and transcription needs.  Complete working trial versions are available at and

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Automatic notification for new files waiting to be transcribed

The Quikscribe File Monitor shows an icon on the Windows task bar for the transcriptionist.

A Red icon indicates “Urgent” files are waiting, “Purple” indicates Overdue files, and “Green” indicates that Normal files are waiting.

If a user places the mouse cursor over the FileMonitor Icon, a small message displays the number and the type of files waiting.

More information is available at and

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What are the alternatives or contingencies for dictation if the network is down?

One of the unique advantages of the Quikscribe Digital Dictation and Transcription System is that it is NOT network or server dependant. Therefore if the network is down for some reason, files can still be manually moved around on floppy disks, CDs, or memory cards (similar to how tapes are moved now).  On a standard floppy disk we can store up to 14.5 minutes of audio.

Additionally, while the network is down, no management or historical data will be lost, as each IAF (Intelligent Audio File) has it’s own internal database which keeps track of everything that happens to the file, similar to a black box recorder in a plane.

As soon as the network is back up, all of the management data from each file can be instantly recovered.

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