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Measuring Average Transcription Time Per Job

The first time an audio file is opened by a typist, Quikscribe automatically saves the typist details within the file plus the date and time the file was opened. When the file is closed, Quikscribe automatically saves the date and time the file was closed. In addition, whenever the file is open, Quikscribe has a “Smart Clock” on, this clock monitors the activity and position in the file. In doing so, Quikscribe is able to measure the true actual typing time performed.

For example, let’s assume a typist has opened a file and has been transcribing for 5 minutes and then the typist becomes distracted by another task and leaves the file open. After 30 minutes the typist returns and completes the file within another 10 minutes. Therefore, the actual typing time is only 15 minutes not 45 minutes. Below is an example of some of the data that is stored or can be calculated from the data file from within an .iaf.

Date & Time Opened
Date & Time Closed
Turn Around Time (Date & Time Closed – Date & Time Opened)
Actual Typing Time
Typing Ratio (Actual Typing Time / Audio Duration)

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Using the Quikscribe Tutor for Presentation Development

The Quikscribe Tutor is a modified version of the Quikscribe Recorder. With it, you can easily create professional in-house Computer Based Training and Presentation content.

Traditionally, producing computer based training content required a large investment in time, but now with the Quikscribe Tutor you can now record, capture, edit and create web-ready computer based training content seamlessly behind any Windows-based program.

Once you have captured and created your training or presentation content, you can easily post-edit the audio or image content.

After you’ve put the finishing touches on the content and the timing of the presentation, you can compile and distribute your training content via LAN, WAN, Intranet, Internet, e-mail or CD-ROM.
Easy to learn and use
No programing language is required to create CBT content, which means almost anyone can start developing CBT content in less than 10 minutes.

Record in Overwrite or Insert mode
When recording a narration, you would normally use Overwrite Mode (like a traditional tape recorder) however being digital it is possible to record additional audio anywhere within the file by recording in Insert Mode.

Real-time editing with Undo & Redo abilities
If you ever make a mistake when recording (which we all do) rather than rewind, queue up your position and then re-record over your mistake, you can simply press the Undo button on the Hand Control and re-record your last audio edit.

Capture screen shots in real-time
If you wish to capture a screen shot while creating your C.B.T. Content, simply press the Insert button on the hand control unit (or SpeechMike), which will take a screen shot and insert this image within a marker.

Post-editing of screen shots, audio, and timing
Captured screen shots can be post-edited, whereby circles or arrows can be added to menus or buttons etc. The actual position (timing) of the screen shot can also be changed.

Captured audio can be post edited, by exporting the audio and associated markers into Sound Forge. Once the audio has been edited, it can be imported back into the Quikscribe Tutor.

After you have captured your content (audio and visual), it is possible to change the timing or sequence of your presentation.

Display multiple image formats (BMP, PNG, JPEG & WMF)
All screen shots captured, are initially saved as BMP, but from a distribution perspective BMP’s are very large. Therefore it is suggested that you use the built-in PNG and JPEG compression capabilities, so as to significantly reduce file size. If your presentation requires text, graphs or charts to be displayed, WMF files from Microsoft Power Point can be imported and displayed. Lastly, from presentation perspective, if you require Screen Wipes, there is over 100 transitions to chose from.

Open embedded files
Almost any type of file can be embedded into the CBT content For example, a mail merge tutorial can contain a sample letter and a sample database, with which a student can then use to perform the mail merge tutorial.

Execute URL’s or e-mail addresses
If you wish to create web related C.B.T. tutorials, now you can. Simply insert the URL or e-mail address and when the CBT content is viewed, the corresponding web site will automatically load.

Finished files are Web ready
The Quikscribe Tutor uses multiple compression technologies, as a result is produces very small files. To demonstrate, click here to download and view some sample tutorials.

Works behind almost any Windows program
Since the Quikscribe Tutor uses a hand control device (or SpeechMike) as it’s primary input and control method, it is able to seamlessly record and edit behind almost any other type of Windows program.
– You don’t need special training
– You don’t need to engage an expert to record the presentation
– You just utilize your own subject matter expertise and record the complete multimedia presentation as easily as using a simple tape recorder.

More information is available at or

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New Quikscribe Videos Available

New video presentations for different features of the Quikscribe Digital Dictation and Transcription System are available at

The movies present different topics of the Quikscribe Recorder for dictation and the Quikscribe Player for transcription.

For more information, please visit or

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Transcription Services Now Available

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to outsource transcription work (quick turnaround, cost savings, quality) – here’s an example of one attorney who had special circumstances:

“I am Ed Heyburn and I am a trial attorney in New Jersey. I began using Quikscribe in outsourcing my secretarial work to Pacific Solutions about a year ago. Quikscribe, combined with Pacific Outsourcing Solutions Services, revolutionized the way that I practice law. Recently, I tried a three-week long construction site accident case.

In the past, I would spend hours typing direct and cross-examination scripts with cross-references to deposition transcripts. Now, with Quikscribe and the aid of Pacific Outsourcing Solutions, I went home and dictated my direct examination and cross-examination seamlessly intertwining the citations to transcripts.

In the past this wasn’t an option because my secretary leaves at 5 o’clock and there would be no one to type documents for me after trial. When I woke in the morning, the work was done waiting in my inbox to be printed out. Within a matter of minutes, my cross and direct examinations were printed and I was ready for trial.

This process saved me hours of time that could be devoted to more important aspects of my trial.  The result was a $1.1 million jury verdict withheld in great part from Quikscribe and Pacific Outsourcing Solutions.”

Ed Heyburn, Esq.
Levinson Axelrod
Howell, NJ


– Rapid and Overnight turnaround

– Experienced Staff

– Minimize your system and software requirements.
– 100 % Productivity

– Hourly rates that are comparable to in-house

– Specialist staff using auto expanders and on-line tools that are a minimum

– 50% more productive than ordinary typists
– No management time wasted ensuring typing staff are optimally utilized

– No fixed costs during quiet periods
– No sick leave or holiday leave issues
– No recruitment costs or issues with staff turnover and training – staff already experienced with medical and legal terminology
– No lease costs or other office costs and constraints
– Ability to downsize and upsize instantaneously
– Proofread documents resulting in less corrections for professional staff

We can provide a cost-effective solution for you!  Our transcriptionists already have the Quikscribe Player software, and you can utilize all the features of the Quikscribe Recorder (cut & paste, encryption, etc.)

Please let me know if I can assist you further with your digital dictation and transcription needs.

Best Regards,
Bruce Hause
Digital Technology LLC
phone 866-394-9684


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Attorney’s Use of Quikscribe and POS Results in $2.5M Award

Here’s how a Quikscribe customer effectively used technology and resources to win a $2.5M award for his client:

I started using Quikscribe and Pacific Outsourcing Solutions in 2003.  During this time I was handling a construction site accident.  I had occasions to discuss Quikscribe and digital dictation with my adversaries in this case and even recommended that they begin using it.  They never pursued Quikscribe and I continued to use it with success.

At trial, my adversary advised me late in the afternoon that he intended to move to dismiss my case for failure to produce expert testimony.  By the time I got back to the office, it was late and all of the secretaries were long gone.  I already had done the research and it was in the file.

I picked up my Quikscribe mike and I dictated a response to the motion I anticipated he would argue in the morning.  With a push of a button I sent the Motion in Limine response to Pacific Outsourcing Solutions.  I asked Pacific Outsourcing Solutions to send a cc copy of the response to my home email.  I went to bed confident and slept well.  In the morning I woke and printed out the opposition to the Motion in Limine.

In court I presented the judge with a typed brief in response to defendant’s Motion in Limine as my adversary stood in front of the judge and made his argument from a yellow legal pad, the judge read my response and summarily denied his Motion in Limine.  My adversary was impressed that I was able to respond to his Motion in Limine even before he argued it.  He was particularly surprised that I was able to get it in an hour’s notice.  My client was equally impressed with my preparation and was even more impressed by the jury’s verdict of $2.5M.

The name of the case is John Kociyan v. Troxel Trucking Company and JR Slaw Pre Cast, Inc.  It was tried in Ocean County before Judge Ford, a Superior Court of New Jersey judge in March of 2004.

– Ed Heyburn, Levinson Axelrod,

Digital Technology LLC is the North American representative for Pacific Outsourcing Solutions transcription services.  We provide distinctive

There is no contract to sign, no monthly minimum required, and it’s easy to get started.

The average attorney spends about $300/month using our transcription services.  We provide overnight turnaround with quality results according to your desired formats and templates.

For more information, please contact or visit