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Sending Audio emails

If you get tired of typing emails all the time, try sending an audio email instead.  The benefits of audio email are that it saves you time, and also let’s the recepient hear your voice, and better understand the tone in which the message was created.  Many times, text messages are misinterpreted because the text itself does not communicate the complete message.  Only 7% of what we communicate is the message itself.

The rest is a combination of body language, and tone of voice.  With audio emails, you recapture at least 30% of the communication capability.

If you wish to send your message encrypted, be sure the recipient has Quikscribe Player, and the pass phrase you set in your recorder.  If you have a client that you communicate frequently by email, it’s probably worth it to get them a license for the player, so email communications can be secure at all times.

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Create a Multi-media Demand Letter with Quikscribe.

Using the Computer Based Training Mode, you can create a demand letter which can include an audio presentation of your package to the claim’s adjuster, photos of the accident scene, of your client, and the like, your list of out of pocket expenses, and anything else you can create on your computer.

All you have to do is burn it to a CD, and include the free Quikscribe Viewer on the disk.

This approach let’s the claims adjust know that you are ready for trial, since you have essentially just given your opening statement.