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Welcome to Lawyer Lounge, an Internet resource center focusing on law office technology. Our goal here is to make you more effective in your law practice by educating you on technology solutions that can enhance your practice.

Lawyer Lounge is more than just a place When I first began practicing law over 15 years ago, it seemed that every courthouse had a lawyer’s lounge. Lawyers often congregated there between court appearances to retrieve phone messages, do a little legal research, and even collaborate with other attorneys.

Advances in technology have changed the way lawyers interact with each other. Now, cell phones and laptops make it less compelling to visit the lawyer lounge, for courthouses that still have them.

As a practicing attorney myself, I very aware of the advantages that can be gained by leveraging technology. Throughout my entire career, I have benefited by taking the time to learn how to accomplish practice related tasks using the most effective law office technology solutions. And, I feel the best way for me to give back to the legal community is to make sure that lawyers everywhere have the benefit of access to this information too.

Please be sure to browse around the entire site, and consider subscribing to our members only section, which features electronic education materials like e-books, streaming audio and video presentations, and other information that will shorten your learning curve, and open you up to new and more efficient ways to serve your clients, grow your practice, and enjoy your career.

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